Medical Care

Here at Harleygecko, we believe even geckos deserve the best possible medical care. A few months ago, Harley tested our local veterinary teaching hospitals ability to adapt to strange new situations, and lucky for Harley, they really stepped it up!

During his first few weeks of breeding, Harley developed a prolapsed hemipene. The first day, a regular veterinarian tried to replace the hemipene using blunt tools and some sugar solution, but was unsuccessful. The following day, Harley was sent to a soft tissue surgeon as we thought Harley’s hemipene would have to be amputated.

Harley was anesthetized and an 18 guage catheter was used to maintain an airway and tied into place.

Positive pressure ventilation was used to make sure Harley received a constant infusion of gas anesthetic and oxygen.

Prior to amputation, tomcat catheters were used to attempt to manipulate the hemipene back into normal position.

Lucky for Harley, they were successful, and a couple sutures were placed to make sure everything stayed where it belonged!

The sutures were removed after 2 weeks (Harley was able to defecate through the space between sutures) and after 2 months of rest Harley returned to breeding. He has successfully bred several clutches and has not had any recurrence of the prolapse at this time!